Montessori Scientific Pedagogy

 This pedagogy that guides the educational process at Moonligh School, encompasses two fundamental aspects:
  • A respectful philosophy, based on Dr. Montessori's decades-long study of what children are like, how they learn, and how adults should treat them, so as not to hinder their development and allow them to become full and independent adults.
  • An educational method based on the child's freedom to choose the material he or she wishes to work with, within a prepared, stimulating environment and rich in materials and opportunities, to meet the child's intellectual needs.
Este trabajo está guiado por un equipo docente especializado en esta pedagogía. Los profesores, son Guías capaces de acompañar y orientar al niño/a en su proceso de crecimiento, además de cumplir con la importante misión de detectar y satisfacer sus necesidades emocionales, físicas, psíquicas y motoras en cada momento.

At Moonligh School:
  • Each child is the protagonist of their own learning.
  • They discover knowledge through a prepared enviroment, with specific materials and specialized guides.
  • We sow in the child the seed of curiosity that, with time, will become knowledge.
  • The methodology is based on logical-deductive reasoning, so they learn to think for themselves.
  • They perform meaningful learning.
  • The maturative processes and learning rhythms of each child are respected.
  • Los niños disfrutan con que hacen.

“Here children enjoy what they do” María Montessori



Montessori Material Gallery at School

Some examples of the Montessori material with which our children learn while enjoying school, while putting into practice what they learn every day.