What is project-based learning?

Fotografía de un niño exponiendo un proyecto en cartulina sobre vestimenta antigua

Project-based learning is a student-centered model of teaching and learning. It is designed for students to be involved in activities where they work as a team to develop skills, like organization, leadership or critical thinking.

It is a method that encourages individual and autonomous learning and taught within a work plan defined by objectives. In this way, it is the students themselves who take responsibility for their learning, discover their preferences, tastes and strategies in the process, even participating in decision-making regarding content and evaluation.

How do we apply project-based learning?

Through carrying out cooperative projects, based on different centers of interest, where students can decide which topic to study in depth, it is possible to create meaningful learning in which students are the protagonists of it.

We are talking about a type of teaching and learning that focuses on tasks. In which the participants live a shared negotiation process with the main objective of obtaining a final product.

In this way, individual and autonomous learning are promoted. Students take responsibility for their learning, discovering their preferences and strategies in the process.

The students participate in all decisions related to content, learning and assessment.

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