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Primary Education

This Stage in the Montessori methodology is known as the Workshop.

The psychological characteristics of children in this stage are different from the previous one. From 6 to 12 years old, children need to be stimulated in order to feed their powerful reasoning mind, full of questions and eager to investigate and discover, endowed with a great imagination. These characteristics enable children to understand the areas taught in this Stage.

The role of the guide or teacher continues to be just as important and delicate as in the Early-childhood Stage, since they must sow seeds of curiosity in the children, but without discovering the truth, so that themselves feel the pleasure of having achieved it and also, doing it by getting involved, so that they really learn.

In the workshop, it is still essential to respect the rhythm of each of children that make up each group, as well as to satisfy their interests.

Niña exponiendo trabajo sobre vestimenta

Las áreas del taller

  • History and Social Studies.
  • Geography: in which they are introduced to Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Astronomy and Geology.
  • Biology: divided into Botany, Zoology, Anatomy and Ecology.
  • Mathematics and Geometry.
  • Lengua castellana y literatura.
  • Lengua inglesa.

Cada día, además de trabajar las áreas anteriormente mencionadas, nuestros alumnos/as realizan un taller específico con los siguientes temas: Robótica, Arte, Música, Ciencia y Deporte.

Otra rutina diaria en esta etapa es salir al parque, a disfrutar del sol, del aire y a jugar con nuestros compañeros, compañeras y profesores.

Ilustración de niños con mochilas compartiendo una manzana
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