The school and its facilities

The development of the educational activity will be carried out in the classrooms that correspond to each age and in the Sensory Integration Room. The classrooms are bright, spacious and open-plan with the space distributed by educational theme within them and their respective material.

Our classrooms

Classroom 1 - Early-childhood Stage

Space for children aged 3-6 years. There is an access door from the street to this classroom. This will make it easier for young children to enter their classrooms.

Aula 2 - Etapa de primaria
Correspondiente al grupo de alumnos/as de 6-9 años.
Aula 3 - Etapa de primaria

Sala para los niños/as de 9-12 años. Los alumnos/as de estas aulas, accederán a la escuela por la puerta que da al recibidor. Podrán dejar sus cosas antes de ir a sus clases.


Sensory integration room

Space dedicated to the development of the neuromotor skills of our students, through daily free play in the Infant group and through a specialized session, once a week, in each of the three stages.

This room provides multiple benefits to users between 3 and 6 years old. Here the children:

  • They release their impulsiveness.
  • They better acquire their body schema and proprioception.
  • It allows them to better control their body movements.
  • They manage to establish and define their laterality.
  • They favour their postural control, balance and location in time and space.
  • They improve social skills by playing in the same room with their peers.
  • They gain confidence in themselves and in others.
  • They overcome fears and dreads, improving their self-concept and self-esteem, by allowing them to know their own limits and capabilities.
  • They favour their vestibular system and their sensory integration.

Other facilities

Our students enjoy time abroad. Where they will be in contact with nature and activities will be carried out.
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