"The child should love everything he does, because mental growth is linked to emotional growth."

María Montessori

Respect the child

This pillar results fundamental in Moonlight International School.

We consider that if a child is not comfortable, loved, respected, supported, and happy in their daily environment, they will not be able to adapt to the group’s rhythm and incorporate in our daily routines.

Therefore, we strive to create a "Children's House", as the Early-childhood classroom is called in Montessori pedagogy, where each child feels that when they arrive at school, they come to a space where they will enjoy learning y donde se le va a respetar como persona, atendiendo sus necesidades individuales.

For this reason, we see it as essential to have a reduced ratio, in order to provide children with the support they need at all times.

Respeto al niño: los niños/as aprenden disfrutando. Se muestra a unos niños realizando actividades
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